Helix Haircuts

Watch the “How to Curl Hair with Scissors” video here.


What Is Helix?

What this means for the client is that a design can be cut directly into the hair, similar to a sculptor cutting design into any other medium such as wood or ice carving.  With a precision haircut, the hair is elevated straight up and cut straight across with a regular, straight shear-this actually leaves corners in the hair. To counterbalance the cut, the hairdresser has to style the finish to fit the round head by backcombing, teasing, or spraying the cut into place. When the customer goes home and shampoos their hair, the style actually goes down the drain. With the “Helix Designing System”, the style is permanently sculpted into the hair so when the hair is shampooed, the design is still there. It doesn’t grow out, it just gets longer. The customer can experience more manageable and low maintenance hair.

A specific technique used within the Helix Design system cuts curl movement, volume, and permanent curl direction into the hair. This is achieved by twisting the hair into ponytail sections, and applying the Twist A Shear with its unique curved and torqued blades, to perform a spiral cut from the scalp to the end-this is permanent. This cannot be done with any other shear.

There is a growing community of clients who do not want the toxic chemicals on their hair today. With the Helix cut, the client can wear the curly or straight look with added volume and movement, because everyone wants options.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the greatest advantage of wearing a Helix Hair Design?

Helix Hair Designs offer:
1) Low Maintenance, consumer friendly styles
2) Versatile styling options
3) No chemical smells, burns, or damage
4) The ability to create salon looks at home

How, exactly, does the Shear work?
The Original Helix Shear is curved and also torqued or twisted. This creates spiral shapings in the cut section of the hair, changing its structure permanently. The size and amount of natural looking curls or waves each individual achieves is based upon the hair’s natural elasticity and choice of styling method.

My hair is baby fine and very straight. Will the cut work on my hair?
Absolutely! Depending on the elasticity of your hair naturally, your Helix Designer will use various techniques that will give you maximum volume and spiral movement. The amount of curl you experience will increase with each subsequent cut and proper maintenance.

Is it okay to use my shampoo and/or hair products that I already use?
While with any haircut it is certainly in the hair’s best interest to use only professional haircare. The difference in the Helix products is that they contain Keratin protein, which is a human hair protein that is extracted from the hair, that acts as an “organ donor for the hair” and immediately penetrates into the hair shaft to rebuild the inside structure to create elasticity, which is necessary for the hair to respond to the Helix spiral, much like a rubber band, the ability to stretch, and return without breaking.

Will this haircut fit my face shape?
In this method of cutting, the client is given a personal consultation. A design to create the illusion of a perfect oval will be sculpted into the hair.